Opening of Aras steel ingot production line

Economy World – Tabriz – Sima Nikraftar: The ingot production line of Aras Steel Holding with 240,000 tons of annual production capacity was opened in Aras Free Zone. The CEO of this holding said: More than 2.2 thousand billion rials have been invested to launch this production line called “Azarabadgan Steel Complex”, which is one of the subsidiary companies of this holding. Massoud Moharrami added: The production capacity of this line in the first phase is 120,000 tons, and after the completion of the next phases, its capacity will reach 240,000 tons per year. Pointing out that with the opening of this line, jobs have been created for 200 people directly in Aras Free Zone, he said: Aras Steel Holding keyed the completion of the Azarabadgan project on a 35-hectare land in 2017. According to him, the steel ingots produced in this complex, having the highest international standards, will be supplied as raw materials for rolling mills in domestic and foreign markets. Moharrami stated: More than 200 tons of steel ingots are produced daily in this company, and with the launch of the second phase of this factory in Bahman this year, its ingot production capacity will be doubled.