The visit of the Honorable Director General of the Office of Mineral Industries

The visit of the Director General of the Honorable Bureau of Mineral Industries and the Deputy Advisor of Mines and Mineral Industries Affairs of the Ministry of Peace, Mr. Engineers Amiri, to Azarabadgan Aras Steel Complex

Mr. Engineer Saif Elah Amiri, Director General of Mineral Industries Office of the Ministry of Safety, and Mr. Engineer Haj Heydari, Head of the Steel Department of the Ministry of Safety, visited a number of steel units in the province of East Azarbaijan on the morning of Wednesday, 29 Bahman.

During this trip, companies in the north of the province, such as Azar Nabash Tabriz, Arg Tabriz Steel in the foreign investment town, Aras Azarabadgan Steel in Aras Free Zone, and Jahan Sepahan Steel Company in Tabriz were visited and meetings were held. In a short time, they investigated their problems in each unit.

A joint meeting was also held with the presence of the board of directors and some members of the Azerbaijan Steel Association at Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz. During the meeting, the members of the Steel Association expressed the problems and issues involved in their units. Honorable Mr. Rahimi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, by stating the issues related to the style sheet and proposals for its change and application in the possible law passed in the parliament, called for a fundamental review of the three principles of supply of raw materials and final products in the commodity exchange and the pricing method in the exchange. They became goods.

Mr. Amiri also stated that the efforts of all the colleagues in the Ministry of Security, especially the Deputy Minister of Mining Industries, help the dynamics and non-stopping of steel units, regarding the changes in the guidelines for organizing the supply and demand of the steel chain, he added that we hope that with the approval of the law steel in the parliament and present detailed and calculated executive regulations to remove a heavy burden from the shoulders of the steel producers community.